Substance Abuse Program

Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Agency (SAPTA)  Certification #1044.

We have met applicable rules and regulations for substance abuse treatment and/or prevention as defined by Nevada Revised Statues 458 and is Certified to provide the following services:

ADULT SERVICES Level 0.5: Early Intervention, Level 1: Outpatient Services, DUI compliant classes.

Substance Abuse Classes led by Bryan Veal

Bryan V Veal, CADC, CDVC is CEO of B and V Services, LLC. He has been a licensed counselor for drug and alcohol abuse since 1993 and a certified domestic violence counselor since 2004. Bryan was one of the first 6 students to complete the Drug and Alcohol Studies CAADE Certification Program at the College of San Mateo in California in 1993, He is currently working with individuals in both capacities. Our substance abuse classes are led by Bryan Veal. He is the published author of Whose Story Is It Anyway?. Through personal and professional experiences, he leads us on a journey towards understanding and taking responsibility for our actions while providing tools through which to examine our own behavior and arrive at better decision-making processes.

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Substance Abuse Classes

These classes are offered to all.

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